Poetic Prize "Sonia Fleming": CM2 schoolchildren and 6th grade schoolchildren in the spotlight


A poetic prize in the French language to stir up the feathers of CM2 schoolchildren and 6th grade schoolchildren ... and reinforce the mastery of fundamentals such as French was organized during the language week.

Many of them during the week of languages ​​experimented with coded writing, that of poetry, and had the honor of being inspired by a new kind of muse: the poet Sonia FLEMING. The latter, already known and recognized, in the schools of Saint-Martin did not hesitate to answer present to honor the Sonia Fleming Prize.

The study of the poem “Maman if I was…” by Sonia FLEMING therefore served as a starting point for all the budding poets who practiced playing with words, giving free rein to their imagination and experimenting with process of creating a writing. Then, the anonymity of the many productions allowed a motley jury to assess the prowess of each other under the chairmanship of the poet.

During a ceremony organized at the Émile Choisy school, parents, students, members of the jury, teachers, invited for the occasion were welcomed by Mr. André Botino, director of the school, Ms. Suzelle Karam, principal of the college Mont des Accords, the poet Sonia Fleming and Mr. Michel Sanz, vice-rector and head of the national education service of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. Taïmi Larose Ogoli-Socin (1st prize), Yaël Petit (second prize), Louise Kia, Fany Kancel (3rd prize) and Mathis Brenon (special jury prize) listened with pride to their poems read aloud by the members of the jury under the troubled gaze of parents who, for some, had difficulty in hiding their emotions. Presented by the vice-rector and the poet, the Sonia Fleming trophy was accepted with astonishment tinged with wonder by our young poets who undoubtedly paved the way for others with examples of more than promising writings. Gifts, small ovens and glasses of friendship closed a beautiful ceremony marked by a message from the parents “We thank you for this prize and are awaiting other events of this type!”.

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