CYCLONIC PREVENTION: Soon a new weather radar in St Peters Hill


As part of the European Territorial Cooperation Policy and through the INTERREG Caribbean cooperation program for the period 2014-2020, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin is piloting, in partnership with Sint Maarten, the project to install a weather radar on the island benefiting the entire territory of St. Martin but also the islands belonging to the Leeward Islands area.  

This equipment will be used to generally strengthen responses to natural risks and increase the responsiveness of territories to these meteorological risks. As technical partners, Météo France and the Meteorological Department of Sint Maarten, this radar will make it possible to:

– Develop a common climate measurement and monitoring tool

– Provide data to meteorological and climatological services,

– Coordinate alerts and vigilance measures on the same database

This new radar will be installed at the same place as the old one, at St Peters Hill in the Dutch part in order to contribute to the publication of vigilance and alert bulletins common to Saint-Martin (Météo France) and to the Meteorological Department of the government. of Sint Maarten (broadcast in French and English).

The WRM200 Dual Polarization Doppler Weather Radar System can detect and track hazardous weather phenomena including hurricanes from the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. Radar system information can be used for general weather forecasts, aviation and marine forecasts and warnings, flood warnings and other weather-sensitive activities. This radar can also provide information on precipitation types, winds, wind shear and turbulence. Significant precipitation is detectable up to a maximum range of 300km, up to 450km for certain meteorological phenomena.

Radar data is accessible via the Internet from any computer browser within or outside the Weather Service. They can be transmitted via the fiber optic link from the radar site, to the meteorological facilities at Princess Juliana Airport, but also to the GIFS server in Washington and various meteorological users.

To finance this project, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin is providing €431 net and the government of Sint Maarten, an extra-community partner, €250 net. The INTERREG Caribbean ERDF completes the financing to the tune of 575 euros, for a total cost of 000 euros.

This new tool will be fully installed in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

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