Legislative: six candidates in the running in Saint-Martin / Saint-Barth


This year, they are six to seek the mandate of deputy. Frantz Gumbs, Sabrina Rivere-Bonzom, Claire Guion-Firmin, Daniel Gibbs, Béatrice Caze and Victor Paines submitted their candidacy to the prefecture last week.

Three of them were invested by a political party: Frantz Gumbs was by Ensemble (presidential majority), Claire Guion-Firmin by Les Républicains and Béatrice Caze by Reconquête (party of Eric Zemmour). Daniel Gibbs, Victor Paines and Sabrina Rivere-Bonzom are unlabeled. Olivier Favino tipped to be the candidate of the National Rally did not ultimately submit his candidacy.

As a reminder, in 2017, the number of candidates was twelve and in 2012 seven.

The electoral campaign will begin on May 30 and end on June 9 at midnight. Due to the time difference, the first round will take place on Saturday June 11 in Saint-Martin.

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