Prefecture: Questions and answers on the health restrictions in force in Saint-Martin


Saint-Martin restaurants must now respect a strict health protocol, including in particular customer traceability. This is one of the new measures imposed by the government to combat the spread of the virus. And there are others !


Is it compulsory to wear a mask in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy?

Yes, wearing a mask is compulsory for anyone from eleven years old in all the streets where there is a business, an educational and administrative establishment. It is also compulsory in all establishments open to the public (supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, airport, port, etc.). On the other hand, the mask is not obligatory on the beaches and the hiking trails, nor for people circulating by bicycle or practicing sport.


What does “gatherings of more than 6 people are prohibited on public roads, in public spaces or in a place open to the public” mean?

Gatherings of groups of more than 6 people are now prohibited on public roads. For example, when going out you have to use common sense and avoid (outside the family circle) associating with a large number of people. This allows, in the event of Covid-19 contamination, to be able to quickly trace the people with whom close contact has taken place. In places open to the public and establishments open to the public, the “6 people” rule must be understood as groups of people coming together.


And when you want to go to a restaurant or a bar?

The 6 person rule also applies in restaurants and bars. Restaurants and bars should therefore favor seated seating and reduce the tables to accommodate a maximum of 6 people. Furthermore, in the context of a potential Covid-19 contamination and in order to improve the search for contact cases, customers are invited to provide the restaurant with the names, first names and mobile numbers of the guests. This information will be kept for 15 days by restaurateurs and will only be used in the context of the search for contact cases linked to covid19.


What protocol should restaurants and bars apply?

• public reception is authorized until midnight every day.

• clients must be seated;

• the same table can only bring together people coming together or having booked together, up to a limit of 6 people;

• a minimum distance of one meter between the tables must be guaranteed;

• the establishment's maximum reception capacity must be posted and visible from the public thoroughfare;

• Wearing a mask is compulsory for establishment staff and by people eleven years of age or over when traveling within the establishment.


What protocol should stores and businesses apply?

Supermarkets and stores must, depending on the size of their establishment, be able to enforce a distance of 4m² per person. Wearing a mask is compulsory in all establishments open to the public. Respect for social distancing is essential to fight the Covid-19 epidemic.


Can I continue to play sports?

Yes, physical and sporting activities are allowed, whether individual or group lessons. Barrier measures must be maintained and the rule of 4m² per person respected as far as possible. The mask must be worn in the enclosure of sports establishments but not during practice.


Are events of more than 6 people in establishments open to the public or on public roads authorized?

Yes, events bringing together more than 6 people in an establishment open to the public or on the public highway may be authorized, but they must be declared to the Prefecture using the event form on the site www.saint-barth-saint-martin.gouv .fr A health protocol must be proposed by the organizer (maximum number of people, compulsory mask wearing, social distancing, respect for barrier gestures, provision of hydro-alcoholic gel or access to water and soap) .

The Prefecture studies each event request on a case-by-case basis and is available for any difficulties.


Are matches in stadiums allowed?

Yes, sports matches and friendly meetings are allowed. However, certain rules must be respected:

• the declaration must be made at the Prefecture;

• in the stands people must be seated;

• a minimum distance of one seat between each person must be respected;

• regroupings are prohibited;

• there cannot be more than 300 people in the enclosure;

• wearing a mask is compulsory;

• itinerant or take-away sales are prohibited in the establishment.


Can places of worship continue to welcome the public?

Yes, places of worship can continue to welcome the public. However, certain rules must be respected:

• the wearing of a mask is compulsory for anyone eleven years of age or over, without this hindering a momentary withdrawal when a ritual requires it;

• a minimum physical distance of one meter must be respected between people within the establishment, except when these people belong to the same household or come together within the limit of 6 people.


Tips for fighting the Covid-19 epidemic:

The Prefecture calls on each person to use common sense and to respect barrier gestures. In the event of Covid-19 contamination, limiting social circles to 6 people makes it possible to trace contact cases more quickly and more effectively. If contamination is suspected, with or without symptoms, it is imperative not to go to your doctor's office and make contact by phone. The drive is operational at the Louis Constant Fleming hospital in Saint-Martin from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm with a capacity of 50 samples per day. In Saint-Barthélemy, the Biopôle Antilles laboratory welcomes people wishing to be tested every day between noon and 13 p.m.

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