POLICY: A 2021 budget of 200 M € adopted by elected officials


The original 2021 budget was debated and adopted on Monday by elected officials meeting in plenary session of the territorial council. Worth some 200 million, this initial budget is down 19,5% compared to that of 2020 due to the socioeconomic context.

In the operating section, expenditure and revenue amounted to 136,57 million euros and are down 12,4% compared to 2020. Almost two-thirds of revenue comes from taxes and duties (TGCA , income tax, corporate tax, etc.) Staff costs this year reached 44,63 million euros. Due to the social crisis, an increase in social spending was also anticipated by budgeting 14,3 million euros in RSA against 13,9 million last year.

The investment section amounts to 63,50 million euros (-1,7%). The financing of capital expenditure is provided by the AFD loan of 15 million euros. The COM should receive a little more than 30 million euros in subsidies which will enable it to "finance nearly half of the investment section". As a whole, the original 2021 budget was adopted by majority. (soualigapost.com)

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