PLF 2016: oversights for overseas 


The deputy of the North Islands Daniel Gibbs, as speaker of the group Les Républicains, spoke last Friday in public session, in new reading, on the finance bill for 2016. In the National Assembly, he notably tackled credits for overseas.

At first, the deputy praised the work of the senators "which made it possible to enrich the initial text with provisions favorable to households, businesses and communities". Daniel Gibbs then referred to the credits in favor of overseas "significantly spared, it is true, by budget cuts". But the deputy wonders about "certain omissions, voluntary or not" relating to the Overseas Collectivities having their own taxation. “I am obviously talking about the absence of compensation - despite the clever government calculations which do not satisfy anyone - the absence of compensation from the reinforced CICE for these COM. I am also talking, for example, of the broken promise - since not translated in this PLF - of the Head of State on a lightning visit to the island, to remove this administrative absurdity that is the allocation of negative compensation for Saint- Martin. "

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