Heritage: Les Fruits de Mer launches the mobile heritage preservation studio


The Les Fruits de Mer association is setting up its new mobile heritage preservation studio. This new tool is equipped with a scanner for photos, letters of correspondence, souvenirs and a photo kit for heritage objects. A basic audio and video kit makes it easy to record interviews.

It is designed to capture and preserve culture and heritage, through the oral transmission of the history of the territory, as well as all other forms of archives. Over time, photos, letters, diaries and other memories become essential memories of how people lived in other times, says Jenn Yerkes, President of the association Les Fruits de Mer. are not just appreciated for personal or family history, they become part of the history of the island ", and when these objects are lost or damaged, as in a disaster similar to Irma," it is a loss for the whole island ”. Also, digitization makes it possible to create a backup for individuals and families, and also to preserve the culture and history of the island.

The mobile studio will be officially inaugurated during the 2019 Festival of Migratory Birds organized by the association Les Fruits de Mer, on Saturday, November 9. On this occasion, volunteers will use it to record oral histories. Access to the festival is free, and  everyone is invited to come and share their story. Visitors can also bring their photos, letters of correspondence and other heritage objects to scan them._RM


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