HERITAGE / Drawing competition “the traditional sailboat race in Saint-Martin”: congratulations to the many winners!


Last Wednesday, the prize giving ceremony for the drawing competition on “the traditional sailboat race in Saint-Martin” took place on the Marigot Seafront, organized as part of the Heritage Days.

The 40th European Heritage Days took place on September 15, 16 and 17, 2023, on the theme “Living Heritage” and “Sports Heritage”. The second theme “Sports Heritage” was highlighted in the run-up to the Cultural Olympiad. Since the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the sports heritage has developed significantly with the increase in sporting practices. As such, the Community and the BCD (Documentation Center Library) in collaboration with the extracurricular activities organized a drawing competition on the theme “the traditional sailboat race of Saint-Martin”.

Before congratulating the winners of the competition, Hélène Hanson, BCD coordinator in nursery and elementary schools in Saint-Martin, would like to thank the two members of the jury, Yves Ghigaï, former school teacher and artist, and Claudio Arnell, teacher of Plastic Arts, without forgetting Christophe Henocq, archaeologist, responsible for material heritage within the COM who presented the awards to the numerous winners of the competition.

Remember that the drawing competition and models of traditional sailboats was open to nursery and elementary schools in the area.

From the Grande Section to CM2, sixteen prizes were awarded as well as three prizes for the most beautiful models. Congratulations to the winners and all the participants who showed imagination and, above all, talent!


The winners of the drawing competition:

Big section :

1er price: Louis Makel (Jérôme Beaupère school)

2nd prize: Elliette Sepulveda Vasques (Jérôme Beaupère school)


1st prize : Léandra Francillette (Aline Hanson school)

2ème price: Youvens Cassamayor (Aline Hanson school)


1er price: Sarah Miles (Hervé Williams school)

2ème price: Sonia Otaikbe (Omer Arrondell school)

3ème price: Axel Lapierre (Omer Arrondell school)


1er price: Larissa Marabet (MA Richards School)

2ème price: Ronaira (Hervé Williams school)

3ème price: Narylysia Flanders (Omer Arrondell school)


1er price: Ethann Peter (Hervé Williams school)

2ème price: Dominic Le Grand (Clair Saint-Maximin school)

3ème price: Maïhy Bernier (MA Richards school)


1er price: Mahé Bisseiche (MA Richards school)

2ème price: Maëlia Agbojino (Clair Saint-Maximin school)

3ème price: Morgan Niestor-Hubert (Clair Saint-Maximin school). _AF

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