Tourist Office: Saint-Martin and Air Antilles sign an annual partnership agreement!


The Tourist Office continues its strategy of developing the regional market and the commercial structuring of its offer. The regional market is the second market for the island, after that of the North American axis. It has many commercial levers that should be exploited to support the overall competitiveness of the destination.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Tourist Office has participated in several travel, leisure and cruise fairs. Martinique, Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico have been identified as areas with high potential.

To go further in reviving the destination and aware of the island's potential, in the regional market segment, the Tourist Office, has set up a working group with representatives of Air Antilles, in order to put in place place marketing, events and promotional actions.

The goal is to share synergies to boost the destination and develop a “win-win” strategy for the two entities, which seek to capture the same market. 

On the strength of these discussions, the Tourist Office, represented by its President, Valérie Damaseau and the company Air Antilles, represented by Romain Hordel, Marketing and Commercial Director, signed on May 31, an agreement allowing the two parties to formalize and coordinate joint actions.

Thus, promotion and communication actions will be created, with innovation as a common thread, aimed at the general public and professionals, through contests, cultural, sports, musical exchanges, the presence of representatives in the targeted regional area, press trips, eductours and flagship events.

From this summer, the Tourist Office will organize with its local partners such as hoteliers, tourist providers and merchants, working meetings, in order to identify priority axes to include them in this strategy of regional market development and prepare for the tourist season 2020, under the best auspices.


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