NAUTISM: Closure of an establishment in Saint-Barth for two months


The prefecture has ordered the administrative closure for two months of a mononautical establishment located in Saint-Barthélemy following a check during which "serious irregularities in the organization of the activity endangering the safety of practitioners" were noted .

It was notably noted that a “hike made up of six ski jets was supervised by two instructors on a single boat, that a semi-rigid boat was unregistered, that the power of four ski jets was greater than that authorized, ie above 75 kW, that two ski jets with a power of 84 kW were not registered ”. No VHF type radio link, no first aid kit, no end of intervention, no drinking water was found on the rigid boat.

The representatives of the State services considered that "the activity of the establishment did not make it possible to guarantee the obligation of moral or physical safety of the practitioners" and that to keep it open presented "risks for the people practicing a physical or sporting activity within it ”. It was therefore decided to proceed with its "emergency closure" for two months. (more details on

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