MUSIC: Jérémie Huot sings of his love in "Angel"


Released in 2017 on his album Carib Being, the reggae-sounding track "Angel" by Jérémie Huot is a loving nod to his wife, a song that comes out in early 2023 with a new vocal arrangement coupled with a mix original.

Known and recognized by his stage name "Jeremy", Jérémie Huot is a very prolific multifaceted artist. Singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, this great lover of zouk, rock and West Indian sounds experiences music as he breathes air. Very active on the Saint-Martin music scene, Jérémie Huot marks the start of this new year by releasing a rearranged version of his song “Angel” which gives pride of place to the reggae world. The artist signs the lyrics and the music, as for the production, it is Jerry Charbonnier who is behind the controls. Who says new vocal arrangement and new mix says brand new cover, the artwork was created by Yvelle Barlagne. If "Angel" is a sweet music that makes you smile, the new sounds emphasize its dancing side. This revisit will appeal to aficionados of haunting songs and romanticism who did not shy away from their pleasure when "Sa ou mandé mwen" was released in April 2022, which is in the ranking of the 20 most played and most requested hits on FM+. 88.9. The music video for his single “Ansanm” released a year ago in collaboration with Yannick Dupuy aka Intouchable music and shot by Gary Rouyard at Le Moule in Guadeloupe has garnered more than 10.000 views on Youtube. To enjoy Jeremy's musical talent live and let yourself be charmed by the exotic sounds of which he has the secret, find him every Sunday at Sonesta, Wednesday evenings with Acoustic Chic at the Royal Maho casino and Saturday January 14 at Sandy's Too at La Savane. _Vx

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