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I understand that everyone wants to protect themselves, but I find that too many people do not do their job of control: Thus, yesterday when we boarded the Air Caraïbes flight between Guadeloupe & St-Martin, several passengers were not wearing their mask in a normative way, that is to say that their mask was not used for ANYTHING & the flight personnel did not intervene to correct the situation. A passenger to our right even took off her mask for a good part of the flight! Ditto in the flight from Orly to Guadeloupe where, even if we were few in number, we can assume that the aerosols that come out of our lungs with each breath are propagated in the plane during the 8 hours of flight!



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  1. Olivier BISON August 21, 2020 at 07:14 am Reply


    In response to this message from one of your readers and because I rotate between Saint-Martin and the Metropolis several times a year, here is what I can say, it is only an observation based on experience and it only commits me:

    It is clearly IMPOSSIBLE to keep the mask during the whole of a transatlantic flight for a very simple reason:
    We are offered a drink on arrival, then a meal whether it is in the direction Paris / PTP or in the other direction then a snack before landing.

    During this time (can be about 2 hours in total), no one can keep the mask.

    It is therefore totally utopian to think that the virus could not during these periods without masks spread less than during the rest of the flight time ...

    In addition, both Air Caraïbes and Air France have installed HEPA filters on their cabin air conditioning systems on their long-haul flights, which are supposed to stop SARS, among other viruses.

    On small rotations of the SFG / PTP type, I agree on the fact that the wearing of the mask must be respected, the flight time lends itself perfectly to this.
    Conversely, the “fully masked” long-haul flight is just impossible unless you force the passengers and the crew to go without food and drink for almost 10 hours ...


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