Demonstration at the hospital: The Prefect recalls the legal framework of the right to demonstrate and “strongly condemns the excesses”


For more than 3 weeks, several strikers supported by collectives have been mobilizing around the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center as part of the protest against the implementation of compulsory vaccination for professionals in the health sector in accordance with national directives. .

If in France, demonstrating is a fundamental right which allows the expression of a collective conviction, this expression must remain within the legal framework. Thus the law of April 10, 2019 aimed at strengthening and guaranteeing the maintenance of public order during demonstrations only authorizes the police to control the personal effects of passers-by and vehicles on the sites of the demonstrations and their surroundings.

Also, the voluntary concealment of all or part of his face without a legitimate reason in a demonstration is an offense, as is harming goods and people as has been observed on the fringes of the movement. Also, any violence or intimidation against non-strikers is reprehensible. It is also inadmissible for a service vehicle to be prevented from entering or leaving the hospital in the course of its duties.

These methods observed in recent days are illegal. They can only discredit the commitment of other demonstrators and go against the individual freedoms they claim to defend.

The Prefect Serge Gouteyron strongly condemns these acts which serve the general interest and deplores this situation. Several complaints have been filed and the necessary measures will be taken against those who do not respect the freedom of the citizens of Saint-Martin.


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