Robert Weinum High School: two weeks dedicated to civic engagement


During two weeks dedicated to civic engagement, LGT Robert Weinum gave high school and university students the opportunity to fully experience their citizenship through several highlights at different levels.

In fact, several elections within the establishment have been organized. First of all  the elections of class delegates with the head teacher then the elections of eco-delegates on the basis of the volunteer and the interest shown in eco-citizen projects with the EDD referent (Education of students in sustainable development, global approach of the 'establishment…).

Other elections also took place at the high school level to elect student representatives to the council of delegates for high school life (CVL) and within the general assembly of delegates to elect student representatives to the board of directors. , to the vice-presidency of the CVL and to the disciplinary council.

The elections for the High School Life Council took place from Monday October 9 to Thursday October 12 with three voting possibilities: online, by correspondence and in person on the last day in order to elect the five new members.

The school management would like to congratulate each student who wanted to become actively involved in the life of the establishment. _AF

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