EDUCATION: Several middle and high school students competed for the Daniella Jeffry Prize


"Educated today, freer tomorrow" was the subject chosen for the Daniella Jeffry prize organized last week as part of the Festival Langues, Arts et Cultures 2023 which ended on Friday. last at the Emile Choisy school.

3rd level students from Mont des Accords college and final year from LGT Robert Weinum competed for an eloquence prize which was intended to be 50% in French and 50% in English, like Daniella Jeffry's speeches. Author, teacher, sworn translator, historian and politician, Daniella Jeffry will always remain a reference for the entire island of Saint-Martin.

Sandrine Jabouley presided over the jury with a “masterful” hand, putting her experience as a lawyer to the benefit of novices by instilling in them advice and techniques for passing an oral.

Miranda Arnell, Line Hellissey, Sandrine Jabouley but also Tina and Jean-Marc, two of Daniella's children, praised the high content of the oral performances.

Long live the Daniella Jeffry Prize!

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