Lou Nkpa, a former student of Saint-Martin, offered gourds to encourage his comrades to reduce their plastic consumption


“I don't think I'm the only one, nor the first to have observed that plastic waste is a big problem on the island. We see them everywhere, in the street, on our beaches, in the sea, in nature in general. We can organize as many waste collection operations as we want, as long as we do not all understand that there is a real problem, we will continue to see them around us ”, agrees Lou Nkpa, former pupil of the Lycée Robert Weinum and now a student in Montreal.

At the start of the 2020 school year, Lou launched a challenge: "to leave the island by having made a contribution". He had the idea of ​​carrying out a survey on the water consumption habits of his comrades. “A huge amount of plastic comes from the bottles we use for all kinds of drinks. 70% of high school students drink bottled spring water, and about 60% admit to throwing at least one a day. Imagine what a bottle (or more)  thrown per day represents for 150 high school students for a month.  Now imagine what our entire island would produce in comparison. It's gigantic, isn't it? », He comments.

In order to reduce the volume of waste, Lou requested funds to offer water bottles to high school students and thus encourage them to consume in a sustainable manner. Thanks to the support of the HeadMadeFactory association, he was able to offer the 245 people who answered the questions a bottle of the TUSS brand that he also created. 


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