The armed forces always present in the event of a cyclone!


From May 17 to 27, nearly 950 active and reserve soldiers as well as civilians of the armed forces in the Antilles (FAA), reinforced by the armed forces in Guyana (FAG) and by elements of the adapted military service regiments (RSMA) from Martinique and Guadeloupe participated in an operational training called CYCLONEX 2016 taking place mainly in Martinique but also in Guadeloupe. In order to safely commit their resources in Martinique and Guadeloupe to support an emergency relief operation by the Prefecture during a natural disaster, the FAA first ensure that their personnel, materials and families. For this, a set of procedures are put in place at each alert stage defined by the Prefecture, in coordination with the Interministerial Staff of the Antilles area (EMIZA) and the RSMAs. Upon request from the Prefecture, the armed forces and the RSMAs can mobilize men and materials to clear and restore the road networks, participate in the reconstruction of port and airport facilities, rescue the population, protect property and participate or organize a logistics support chain._AF

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