Soualiga middle school students conquer Peru


Walking on the Inca road, a dream that will come true next year for the students of Soualiga college. This project - cultural, linguistic and humanitarian at the same time - is a real source of inspiration for these young people in fourth year class who regularly organize fundraising actions.

Aurélie M.Laduz, Spanish teacher at Soualiga college, is leading this two-year study project, with the help of her teaching team. If the budget is tight, the class will fly to Peru in March 2017 with their teacher, a specialist in pre-Columbian civilizations. “The students are very motivated by this trip. We see each other for one hour a week during a workshop in order to move this project forward together, ”she says. Several partners are collaborating on this initiative, including bakeries and the MJC de Grand-Case. This immersion stay is also humanitarian oriented. “My students have Peruvian correspondents and communicate regularly with them. We will leave there with clothes and school supplies, and will stay three days in Lima. A local association will be responsible for distributing our donations to people living in slums, ”she adds. On site, the 20 students will also have the opportunity to discover archaeological sites and interact with Peruvian families.

The next fundraising action - an initiation into African dance with a sale of cakes - will take place on Saturday April 9 at the MJC in Grand-Case from 14 p.m. to 17 p.m. (12 euros). Registrations are required before March 28 by email: To follow their different actions, we invite you to go to their blog:

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