The prosecution points the finger at the territorial police


In his closing statement at the immediate appearance hearing Wednesday morning, Vice-Prosecutor Yves Paillard pointed out the somewhat light behavior of the territorial police in the case under consideration, that of a homeless man who had attacked a restaurateur and her customer.

"The agents let the individual go when he had just attacked two people," he said. "They should have challenged him," continues Yves Paillard. For the representative of the public prosecutor, the territorial police also have a real role to play in the fight against delinquency and the feeling of insecurity. Saying a few words to an individual who has just assaulted a citizen, on the pretext that we know him, is not enough. "It's the same when the territorial police see a youngster on two-wheelers pass before his eyes on the rear wheel, they must stop," designs the vice-prosecutor who said he wanted to talk to the police.

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