Team Alpha SXM becomes a real urban bodybuilding club


The urban bodybuilding club has been structured a little more every day since its creation in October 2015. Five of its members participated last August in a course organized by the Caribbean Federation of Street Workout & Calisthénics in Guadeloupe. The Team then created the first World Pull Up Day in Saint-Martin on September 10, 2016 on the Marigot seafront. And donated to the Red Cross the profits collected during this international and annual event around pull-ups. Team Alpha is organizing the island's first Street Workout competition on May 20 on the Marigot seafront. Now affiliated to the Caribbean Federation of Street Workout & Calisthénics, it will soon have its own training platform next to the market, which will be installed by the Kenguru company before the competition.

Photo: Grégory, founding member, and Jean-Michel, a new member, before their training Thursday April 13, 2017 in Galisbay. More details on

The Nuggets ready to have fun

At a press conference at Loterie Farm on Wednesday April 19, Wonderland Factory, the event company, presented Les Pépites. This show, which aims to offer a professional scene to the young talents of the island, will take place on May 6 in the gardens of the Loterie Farm. Alongside Fred York, who takes on the role of coach of the four artists selected, Nadia Boukir and Emmanuelle Toulliou, the founders of Wonderland Factory, presented the nuggets: Malaïka Maxwell, Kenyo Bali, and Jabz, who replaced the youngster at short notice. Enora who will not be able to participate in the evening. The famous Tamilia, fourth artist of the Nuggets, was not present this morning for health reasons. More details on


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