8th edition of the Running Night: A great popular success!


Last Friday, more than 350 runners participated in the Running Night, organized by Watt de Neuf. The Christmas spirit reigned throughout the event!

In a festive spirit, children and parents had come together on the Marigot Sea Front, on the occasion of the 8th edition of this event which combines sport and celebration! The meeting was set at 20 p.m. at the Marigot kiosk on the Sea Front for the start of this night relay race.

Each team was made up of five people including a woman at the start, each of the competitors having to cover 1,9 km. The Christmas spirit accompanied the race with many disguised teams to the delight of the many spectators present throughout the course. For the record, the “A” team of Inter Generation Runners won first place in this 8th edition, which once again enjoyed great popular enthusiasm! _AF

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