Santa Claus House: Come immerse yourself in the world of Santa Claus at Cripple Gate!


If it is well known that the workshops of Santa Claus are located in Lapland, you may not yet know that he likes to find himself in the good life of Saint Martin ...

This is how he abandoned his snow, his reindeer and other goblins for a while to take up residence on "Friendly Island", welcomed as every year in the magic of Monique's house.

From the end of November, like the tales of Dickens, this traditional house located at Cripple Gate is sublimated to transform into a veritable palace of the Thousand and One Nights in order to offer to all, young and old, a magical and unforgettable spectacle, a fairyland of Christmas lights and colors.

From the garden to the house, no space is forgotten and brings wonder to visitors from around the world, all greeted by the legendary kindness and warmth of its hosts.

The door is open and the magic continues for the greatest pleasure of this family whose satisfaction to discover enchanted faces is the most beautiful of the rewards.

So do not hesitate to visit Monique, "La Dame Noël", who by her generosity, her kindness and her love of others will offer you an unforgettable show! The word is not too strong… _AF

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