Guadeloupe has 149 cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test and registers a 10th death


A new death is unfortunately to be deplored this Thursday, April 23, which brings to 10 the number of deaths in total since the beginning of the epidemic in Guadeloupe.

This is a 75-year-old man who had been hospitalized since March 31 and had co-morbidities. He hadn't traveled.

> Among the confirmed cases, 14 patients are hospitalized at CHUG (11 patients in intensive care, 3 in medicine), 1 patient in medicine at CHBT following a re-hospitalization of an already confirmed patient. There is no longer any patient at the Marie-Galante CH.

> Today, 82 people in total are declared cured by infectiologists in Guadeloupe.

The expansion of PCR tests carried out in Guadeloupe on patients with little symptom or at particular risk has started in order to accurately assess the level of circulation of the virus beyond the epidemiological monitoring implemented for 1 month by Santé Publique France. Until we have confirmation that the virus is at a very low level of circulation in the territory, any loosening of the containment can again contribute to the spread of the virus. It is therefore essential not to encourage a restart of the epidemic.

"We will not be able to implement the deconfinement strategy if the circulation of the virus is relaunched by a relaxation", warn the health authorities of Guadeloupe.

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