The musical, "La Reine des Neiges" invites itself to Saint-Martin!


Revered by children and adored by adults, the musical "La Reine des Neiges" invites itself to Saint-Martin, Wednesday, December 14, at the Princess Casino. Two performances that should arouse the enthusiasm and wonder of young Saint-Martin!

The many artists present on stage will transport you to the last day of a particularly cold winter where the Ice Master, the cruel Winter Glacius, works at the end of any other season. Yet "Mother Nature" must give way to spring. Eden, a young boy symbol of the sun and renewal, will meet a sweet and pretty young girl, named Eve. When everything opposes them, they will fall madly in love. Alas, it is the impossible love between spring and winter. Our two lovers will live a funny, festive and romantic adventure but also full of pitfalls. A sublime work mixing dream and poetry; a musical journey through folklore; a beautiful message full of humor and tenderness.

Will the ice master get his way?

Will spring bloom again one day?

You will discover it in this fabulous epic of the "Snow Queen"!_AF


Practical information :

Musical "Frozen"

Location: Princess Casino in Port-de-Plaisance

Date: wednesday 14 december

Two representations: 14 p.m. and 17 p.m.

Price: 25 €

Tickets on sale: Kontiki, Waïkiki (Orient Bay), Change Caraïbes (Howell Center and Hope Estate)

information: 06 90 06 16 79


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