The COM is launching the France Tourisme Ingénierie call for projects!


Meeting in session on Wednesday January 27, 2021, the Executive Council validated the France Tourisme Ingénierie call for projects, led by the Tourism Department and Vice-President Yawo Nyuiadzi. The President Daniel Gibbs and his team are strongly mobilized in order to propose innovative projects and job-creating projects on the Saint-Martin territory.

Initially, France Tourisme Ingénierie was a partnership Front Office created by the Interministerial Council for Tourism in 2018 and chaired by Prime Minister Jean Castex. Its role is to support the regions and the promoters of private projects in the field of engineering and, if necessary, to act as an interface with local platforms.

At the same time, the agreement signed on November 30, 2020 between the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, the State, Atout France and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC), confirms the support of our Collectivity by Atout France over 3 years, in terms of engineering at the rate of 3 projects per year.

  Three projects were therefore selected for the year 2021:

- The School Hotel project

- The Casino project

- The territorial sustainability diagnostic project

Work on the school hotel project has already started and will be monitored as part of the sustainability diagnosis. The Project to open a casino on the French side led by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin has been finalized. It is now awaiting a government decision authorizing Saint-Martin to host a casino.

This new France Tourisme Ingénierie call for projects therefore completes these 3 existing projects by opening the door to 3 new project leaders who will also benefit from the support of Atout France.

  What selection criteria to submit your project?

The call for tenders is open to promoters of private projects or within the framework of a public / private partnership. The project can be a creation or an extension of an existing project. It must include an investment perspective, a solid economic model and a provisional implementation schedule.

The proposed projects must imperatively evolve in the sectors of accommodation (hotel, guest house, tourist residence), cultural, natural, heritage or leisure activities, activities or projects such as catering, conferences, exhibition centers, golf courses, in the field of well-being, sports activities, yachting or services and events in the field of digital, Culture and sport.

The Executive Council approved the launch of this call for projects. France Tourisme Ingénierie was therefore officially launched on February 04, 2021 in our territory. The submission of applications is open until March 31, 2021.


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