JUSTICE: Eighteen months in prison for transporting 2,4 kg of cocaine 


Putting on lead sheets to hide the drugs in his hold baggage, lead that would inevitably ring the detector during the airport check, is proof that his client did not know how to transport drugs by plane, argued master Lacassagne. His client, KS, a 2,4-year-old metropolitan, was prosecuted for the acquisition, possession and transport of XNUMX kg of cocaine (with packaging).

He was arrested last Tuesday at the Grand Case airport when he returned to the metropolis. He was summoned Friday morning before the criminal court of Saint Martin in immediate appearance.

After living for several years in Saint-Martin, he returned to France with his pregnant partner after the cyclone. He returned in March to finalize the sale of his business, but it was canceled. In debt, he bought cocaine to resell it in mainland France. "Having lived ten years in Saint-Martin, we know where to buy the drug," he told the magistrates.

"He's an opportunist, he has no history. He could have chosen another future… He chose the easy way and he must be punished. It should also make it possible to send a message to those who plan to come to Saint Martin to buy drugs and send them to mainland France, "said the deputy prosecutor who requested a sentence of three years in prison, ten of which eight months with a stay, a ban on staying in Saint-Martin for five years and a deposit warrant.

After deliberation, the court rendered a judgment almost in conformity with the requisitions; only the confiscation of the money seized was not retained. KS was therefore sentenced to three years in prison, eighteen months of which was suspended on probation including the obligation of care. KS is prohibited from staying in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy for five years. A deposit warrant has been issued, he will fly this afternoon to be imprisoned in Guadeloupe. His brother-in-law, who was traveling with him on May 15, was also arrested, but was found out. He was present at the hearing. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)


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