Les Fruits de Mer Association: Meeting on Sunday for the Endemic Animals Festival "Facts Here" and More!


The Endemic Animal Festival is a free event that celebrates animals found only on Saint Martin and only in our region.

It will take place this Sunday, May 20 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Amuseum Naturalis at The Old House (Quartier d'Orléans). Residents and visitors of all ages are encouraged to come and learn more about these unique animals and much more!

"This year's festival theme is" Made Here, "and we are delighted to have so many local festival experts to share their knowledge and passion with the public," said Jenn Yerkes, President of the organizing association Les Fruits de Mer. “Amuseum Naturalis will be a place where the people of the island can share their stories. We are starting this now, working with experts here to show what's unique on the island in several different areas. ”

Author and editor Lasana M. Sekou contributed selections of poetry and prose linked to the local nature that will be exhibited. Tadzio Bervoets of St. Maarten Nature Foundation will highlight the importance of sharks for the island. Christophe Henocq will present how the historic “slave walls” today create a special habitat for plants and animals.

Members of the Anguilla National Trust will share their work to save the rare iguanas that once lived in St. Martin. EPIC members will explain how native plants and trees make the island stronger. Bird specialist Binkie van Es will direct BirdSleuth Caribbean activities for children and adults.

The festival will offer an Endemic Animal Discovery Station where festival-goers can see some of the animals that are found only here. Participants can learn more about Amuseum Naturalis and other projects underway in the museum grounds. These projects include the community gardens of Plantilles and the studio of Seegrape, where the group will record the Saint-Martinois telling their stories in their own words. Fun artistic activities related to wildlife are planned for children and adults.


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