Homicide in Colombier: the thesis of the settlement of accounts favored by the investigators


On February 18, around 22:20 p.m., a 15-year-old boy was hit by gunfire while on the road to Colombier. The young man died of his injuries. The investigation was entrusted to the detachment of the research section in Saint-Martin.

"The numerous and meticulous investigations carried out during the time of the flagrance and then on rogatory commission have made it possible to establish that it was a matter of a settling of scores between two rival gangs having as their origin the theft of the scooter of one of the mistresses. in question perpetrated the same day”, specifies the lieutenant-colonel of gendarmerie, Maxime Wintzer.

“The investigation made it possible in a few weeks to identify the young men suspected of having participated in this homicidal raid. Two of the protagonists being on the run abroad, three waves of arrests will be necessary and will involve all the units of the Saint-Martin company, ”he continues.

The last arrest took place on April 11, 2022, the investigation is continuing on the basis of a letter of request from the investigating judge. _AF

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