HALLOWEEN: A gift or a spell for the animal cause


This Monday, October 31, 2022 from 17 p.m., the SMX Animals Collective is launching a special Halloween fundraiser in the Orient Bay district. To your good heart !

To celebrate Halloween as it should be while working for the animal cause that the association defends on a daily basis, the representatives of the Collectif Animaux SXM accompanied by their doggies dressed up for the occasion will go door-to-door to raise funds that will will be used to cover the costs of caring for abandoned or stray dogs and cats. As chocolate is to be prescribed for dogs, the traditional "trick or treat" will be somewhat revisited but the disguise of hairballs will give the change. Any help is welcome, you can participate in the noble cause by donating money, kibble, leashes, collars, sheet covers (for cages in case of travel from an animal to its adoptive family), sweets adapted to animals since they are not very fond of sour candies, games, etc. The girls of the association will be recognizable thanks to the HeliRiviera Flight Academy T-shirts and white dog-legged balloons marked "Collectif Animaux SXM" as well as the association's piggy bank to collect your generous participation. This Halloween harvest is also an invitation to discuss with these women who are struggling to save the Saint-Martin coconut dogs, whether on the animal cause in Saint-Martin or to find out more about the work carried out by the Collectif Animaux SXM. Flyers will also be made available. To the inhabitants of Orient Bay, don't be afraid if next Monday from 17 p.m., official Halloween day, you discover an imp or ghost dog on your doorstep, it's for a good cause. , and he will not fail to give you a little lick of thanks! _VX

Info: +33 7 85 69 75 32

Facebook: SXM Animal Collective



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