FOOTBALL / UNITED STARS: A brand new set of jerseys for the U7 and U9: thank you “Chat Perché! "


There is no doubt that the young footballers of United Stars (U7 and U9) will soon be shining on the field with their new outfits! And this, thanks to the generosity of their new sponsor, the “Perched Cat”! 

The opportunity for the members of United Stars to thank Stéphanie Carre, store manager "Chat Perché" for her investment towards the young people of the club!

The leaders of United Stars also launch an appeal to all goodwill wishing to invest in the life of the club (administration, accounting, coaching, support for young people).

It is at this price (so to speak!) That the club will be able to nurture new ambitions for all "its" young football fans! _AF

For any information contact: Karine 06 90 70 15 66 or Fred 06 90 32 09 01


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