Football (Nations League, 3rd day): A draw with a “bitter taste” for the selection of Saint-Martin…


Traveling to Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis on behalf of the 3rd day of the Nations League, Concacaf zone, the selection of Saint-Martin let slip a first victory against the Sugar Boyz who held out their arms to them until the end. … 94th minute of added time. Final score: a goal everywhere!

Did you say infuriating? Authors of a good performance on the ground of Warner Park Stadium, stronghold of the selection of Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis, the men of Stéphane Auvray came very close to a first resounding success on the occasion of the 3rd day of the Nations League, area  Concacaf (League C – Group 2). After playing most of the game in the first period and getting several clear chances, Chevalier and his team returned to the locker room with a single goal lead on the scoreboard (Pierre-Bertrand Arne, 39th), leaving thus their opponent still in the game.

On the right track…

Back from the locker room, the Saint-Martin players applied themselves to respecting the instructions given by their coach at half-time. The visiting XI then tied with the Sugar Boyz, even getting one or two more clear chances to "kill" the game. The lack of realism will ultimately harm Randy Gentes' teammates, Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis being very happy to find their way to the net thanks to a goal signed Kalonji Clarke in the... 94th minute!

If Stéphane Auvray's players have reason to regret the physiognomy of the match, they have shown real progress in the game since their entry into the competition against opponents supposedly superior to them.

The selection of Saint-Martin will be keen to confirm its good performances during its reunion with Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis scheduled for March 23, 2023, still in Anguilla, on behalf of the 4th and last day of group 2, Ligue C of the Nations League. _AF

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