FOOTBALL: Foot Challenge U13 The Benfica of Lisbon wins, the “United Stars - Juventus” agreement among the biggest!


The AJOE club in Saint-Barthélemy recently organized the 4th edition of the “Foot Challenge U13” tournament, in the presence of several renowned clubs such as the Benfica of Lisbon and the Girondins of Bordeaux!

Contested over two days, the tournament brought together the Benfica teams from Lisbon, the Girondins from Bordeaux, the CREPS from Guadeloupe, the selections from Saint-Martin and Sint-Maarten, two teams from Saint-Barthélemy and finally, an agreement "United Stars - Juventus de Saint-Martin ”!

Faced with opponents accustomed to playing high-level matches, the leaders of United Stars and Juventus of Saint Martin had the good idea to create an agreement between the two clubs, the objective being to present a competitive team , able to compete with the big cars of the tournament.

In light of the results recorded, the choices made by the coaches of the “United Stars - Juventus” Agreement, Michaël Lymberis (United Stars), Reza Saadat and Roland Ouedraogo (Juventus) paid off!

Second at the end of the group matches, the young Saint-Martin footballers finally finish in 4th place in the tournament, behind the Benfica of Lisbon, winner of the Girondins de Bordeaux in the final (3-1) and CRESP of Guadeloupe. Well done to them!  _AF

Tournament Ranking:

1st) Lisbon Benfica

2nd) Girondins of Bordeaux

3nd) CREPS Guadeloupe

4nd) "United Stars - Juventus" agreement

5nd) Selection Saint Martin

6ème) Sint-Maarten selection

7nd) Saint-Barthélemy "A"

8nd) Saint-Barthélemy "B"

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