FOOTBALL / World Cup 2018: The 32 qualified countries are known!


We now know all the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the composition of the hats for the group stage draw. The French team more or less knows what to expect.

Peru, New Zealand winner in the play-offs, clinched the 32nd and final qualifying ticket for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Jefferson Farfan's partners make it into hat 2, thanks to their 10th place in the FIFA ranking in October. They could therefore be one of the future opponents of the France team during the World Cup.

The Blues, qualified after having achieved the best course in their history in the qualifiers, are in fact in hat 1, alongside other top seeds such as Russia, host country, Germany (reigning world champion), Portugal (reigning European champion), Brazil, Argentina, Belgium and Poland. And as Didier Deschamps already said, the priority will be to avoid Spain, a real scarecrow in hat 2.

Spain to avoid

England, Colombia, Croatia, Switzerland or Uruguay, also in this hat 2, could also prove difficult adversaries to negotiate for the French. Iceland, Denmark and Sweden are the toughest opponents in hat 3, even if it will be wary of Senegal and Costa Rica, quarter finalist in 2014 in Brazil.

Hat 4, on the other hand, brings together nations that will be presented as more affordable, even if Nigeria, South Korea, Morocco or Japan may pose some problems. We must now wait until December 1 and the draw (2 nations from the same confederation cannot be in the same group, except those from Europe, at the rate of two per group maximum), which will have place in the Kremlin, to know the final verdict. _AF

Composition of hats:

1 hat: Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, France;

2 hat: Spain, England, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Switzerland, Croatia, Peru;

3 hat: Iceland, Costa Rica, Egypt, Iran, Senegal, Tunisia, Sweden, Denmark;

4 hat: Australia, Japan, Nigeria, Serbia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Morocco.



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