CELEBRATIONS: The party was great at Sandy Ground


This Monday, August 15, the so-called district adorned itself with its most beautiful trappings for the "Sandy Ground Festival" and the public did not fail to take part in the activities planned throughout the day within the grounds of the former stadium.

Despite the overwhelming heat, the Sandy Ground party met with the expected success. If August 15 is better known for being the day of the Assumption, the Sandy Ground party will have fully found its place in the calendar. Public holiday obliges, the population moved to the old stadium to participate in the various sporting and cultural events and taste many typical local dishes. The traditional Sandy Ground celebration began with the religious ceremony at the Sandy Ground Apostolic Faith Church, attended by many officials. The latter then went to the place of the celebration for the speeches. The following took the floor: Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivity, Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of Saint Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, Annick Pétrus, senator of Saint Martin who spent her previous professional career in the Sandy Ground district who declared that there is still a lot to do but who remains proud of the progress made so far "Sandy Ground is an inspiring neighborhood and it must continue to make people want to live intense, exhilarating and passionate moments there". Another official to have taken the microphone: Frantz Gumbs, recently elected deputy of Saint Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. The latter, during his speech, expressed himself in these terms: “I owe you the truth, things are not simple. It is not enough to want to have. In reality, we know it, it is only in the Bible, that David made Goliath fall. In real life, the law of the strongest prevails. (…) The fact is that the political situation in France is complicated, more complicated than before, but luckily I believe I am well enough positioned politically to at least be listened to by the government. I say this in all conscience and in all confidence, in your presence Mr. Prefect, because I do not believe at all that the permanent confrontation with the State advances our cause. 

On the contrary, despite our disagreements, we must keep the doors open to dialogue, negotiation and compromise. This is my idea of ​​democracy. referring to the skills transfer files that would be in talks, while calling for economic, social and cultural progress. In the assembly, many elected officials with, among others and in addition to the names mentioned above, Bernadette Davis, 2nd vice-president of the Collectivity, Martine Beldor, member of the Executive Council, Valérie Damaseau, president of the Tourist Office, and several local councillors. After the reception, the party resumed even more with the entertainment and stands set up for the occasion. The stage was fully occupied from 18 p.m. with musical and dance performances by DJ Darian, The Gunslingers, Honey Dance, SXM Creole Talents and Copacabana dancers. King Timo and the Jolly Boys took over at the start of the evening and Respect Band closed the 2022 edition of the Sandy Ground party, which brought young and old together in a family, entertaining and unifying atmosphere. _Vx

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