New Years celebrations Be careful not to park your car anywhere!


As part of the New Year's festivities organized by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, the portion of the Rue de l'Embarcadère de Marigot between the restaurant "Enoch's Place" and the statue of the market is temporarily closed. , sunday 1er January 2017 from 18 p.m. to 23:15 p.m.

This temporary provision is framed by Presidential Order No. 093-2016. Parking will be prohibited at the times indicated. Any vehicle parked in the said street section will be removed by the pound at the owner's expense. The Territorial Police are responsible for ensuring the implementation of these provisions.

In addition, decree n ° 92-2016 authorizes on the occasion of the Peace Concert the presence of 10 stands selling food and drinks which will be set up around La Place du Kiosque. No frying or grilling is allowed during this event.

All the security measures taken in the two President's decrees must be respected, in order to guarantee the security and proper functioning of the event.

The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding and the strict application of these instructions.

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