MUSIC FESTIVAL: The programming of the SXM Festival is becoming clearer


The start of the festival is fast approaching, it will start on March 9 and the organization has just unveiled phase 2 of its programming.

The big headliner that emerges from this second phase is none other than the famous duo Audiofly, who have been setting festival stages around the world on fire for more than two decades. Having three labels to their credit, Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito, DJs and producers based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark with their performance. Apache, French DJ, Awly and Baham, which is actually the new collective of the duo The Doctors, add to the long and enticing list. After breaking through in 2019 through the prestigious labels Diynamic and Afterlife, the German Innellea will perform live on the stage of the SXM Festival, placing emotions at the center of his music where his little voice reminiscent of Moby will underline the intensity synths and its unique rhythm. Gab Rhome, born in Montreal, will prolong the atmosphere of dreamy and hypnotic electronic music. Jimi Jules, Swiss musician and DJ, will not fail to replay his greatest success, namely his collaboration in 2014 with Oliver $ on the single “Pushing On”. Konstantin Sibold, Stuttgart-based DJ, sound engineer, producer and co-founder of Common Sense People, completes the festival line-up. His experience as a resident DJ at Rocker 33, where he has worked since 2009 and where he has played with Ellen Allien, Adam Beyer and Marco Carola, among others, will definitely be felt. Marco Carola, composer and DJ, will also be part of this 2022 edition. An edition that continues to give pride of place to female artists by adding to the list of performances those of Layla Benitez, DJ and producer born and raised in New York that brings to each set a genre-bending imagination and a playful side looking to the future. Not to mention Tony Y Not, who concocts shameless musical cocktails meant to get you moving, Magdalena with musical influences from her native rural Yugoslavia and Rachel Tumada, Miami Beach-based DJ whose artist name Ms. Mada. Other names for this phase 2, Paolo Rocco (Canada), Maga (Chile), Paso Doble (Canada), the talented and avant-garde producer Roustam, Santiago Garcia (Argentina / Spain) and finally, UnderHer created by Khaled Bess in 2017 , already used to the place. _VX

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