Faxinfo in Saba at the lobster and rum festival


Faxinfo has been on the neighboring island since yesterday for an original event which attracted our curiosity: the “Saba Lobster & Rum festival” which takes place from November 6 to 12.

Departure from Juliana at 7 a.m. on the first Winair flight of the day. Fifteen minutes later an impeccable landing on the smallest runway in the world transports us to another universe of tranquility and change of scenery. Traffic jams and other road nuisances do not exist here. Saba, nicknamed “the authentic pearl”, is a small, charming mountainous island where people come to rest and recharge their batteries.

Most visitors come to admire the beauty of its seabed during dives among multicolored flora and fauna.

Another “popular” attraction is the mountain, an ancient volcano whose summit rises to more than 800m. This is reached by hikers after around 1h30 of walking in the tropical forest. A “must do” if you visit Saba.

But this week, a unique event focuses the spotlight on our neighbor. It is dedicated to lovers of one of the most delicate meats that the Caribbean Sea offers us, that of the lobster from the Saba Bank and also to lovers of fruity Saba rums produced by a local company.

Of course, like Saint-Martin, Saba does not produce rum, but its fruits and spices infinitely flavor imported virgin rums.

The tourist office brilliantly took charge of promoting the festival to attract new visitors.

There is still time to come and treat your taste buds this weekend and (re)discover this unique island in the world.

You can return during the day by plane or ferry, but if you prefer to sleep on site special accommodation offers are available at the Cottage Club, Juliana's Hotel and the Arawak Hotel.Visit the official event website for more details and information: www.sabatourism.com/rlfest/

Saba Tourist Office: tourism@sabagov.nl


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