News: Two armed robberies committed in Grand-Case and Marigot


During the night of October 20 to 21, 2018, the Gendarmerie de Saint Martin intervened twice on thefts committed with weapons.

The first event took place in Grand-Case around 22 p.m. Two individuals leaving a bar steal a scooter parked on the public road. Witnesses to the scene try to prevent the theft. One of the two individuals then draws a gun and shoots twice without injuring anyone. The thieves then flee with the stolen scooter.

The second fact, which is unrelated to the first, occurs around 02:45 am An individual traveling in a rental vehicle returns to his home after leaving a bar in the Dutch part.

In Marigot, the motorist is overtaken by a vehicle which forces him to stop. Two people with hidden faces get out of the vehicle and force him under the threat of a weapon to leave the passenger compartment.

The two criminals leave the scene with the stolen vehicle.

The research section of the Gendarmerie de Saint-Martin was seized of the facts.

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