News item / New fatal traffic accident at Mont Vernon!


An accident involving a motorcycle and a car occurred at the beginning of Friday evening in Mont Vernon at the Leader Price supermarket on the national road. The 24-year-old fat displacement pilot has died, confirms the gendarmes.

The causes of the accident are still completely unknown. According to the first elements collected on the spot, there would have been no impact between the motorcycle and the car because the machine does not present any damage. One of the hypotheses would be that the pilot lost control of the craft before being ejected and falling on the oncoming car. But that remains to be confirmed; other tracks according to the testimonies which will be brought, will be studied. The driver of the vehicle was not injured. A blood alcohol test was performed and found to be negative. Blood tests were carried out on the motorcycle driver. A gendarmerie investigation was opened to determine the causes and the circumstances of this new road drama; it was entrusted to the Espérance brigade.

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