Event (June 3 at MJC Sandy-Ground) / Jovany: a complete artist in a completely crazy show!


A multi-card comic recognized as one of the best of its generation, Jovany will be on stage at the Sandy-Ground MJC on Saturday, June 3, at 20 p.m. This comedian with a captivating charisma and a face with disconcerting plastic will lead you into the most hilarious situations: “The Universe is great. His is complicated ”!

Association of creation, production and dissemination of live performance since 2008, the Stateless have been known in Saint Martin for almost 10 years to create and broadcast their own shows.

In 2012, they set up their own performance hall in Marigot: the La Salle Timbanque theater.

As true entertainment professionals, holders of three entertainment entrepreneur licenses for 5 years, they regularly bring in artists from the continent. Until now, they invited little-known artists who performed in their small room with 50 seats (Alain Daumer, Nicolas Van Beveren, Klusha, the three bears, etc.)

Today, drawing on its experience, the association is embarking on the production of major artists for the general public.

It was at the Avignon festival that our producers discovered Jovany.

The president of the association, Audrey Duputié is particularly enthusiastic: “He is so crazy, so hybrid, he uses his body like a musical instrument and laughs! I have never seen an artist who is so capable of bringing together all the audiences of Saint-Martin, and I weigh my words! "

No need was needed for our association: Jovany will be our first big guest in Saint-Martin!

See you on Saturday June 3 at 20 p.m. at the Sandy-Ground MJC! _AF

Practical information :

Ticket prices: 25 € presale, 30 € on site.

Tickets on sale at the Chat Perché at Hope Estate, at Delta Photo, at Howell Center, at the Timbanque room (Marina Royale) and on www.theatre-la-salle-timbanque.fr

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