CITIZENSHIP: The pride of becoming French


Last Tuesday, the atmosphere was solemn in the courtyard of the prefecture for the reception ceremony for French nationality of sixteen adults and three children.

In the presence of Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, Fabien Sésé, secretary general, Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd vice-president of the Collectivité, and Senator Annick Pétrus, the adults naturalized by decree did not hide their pride and their impatience to receive this official paper which confirms their new French nationality.

Of American, Ukrainian, Beninese, Algerian, Indian, Haitian, Dominican, Colombian or Mauritian origin, the sixteen adults, as well as three children for collective effect, watched in the presence of officials a video on the meaning of being naturalized French. Great principles of France, Constitution of 1958, separation of church and state, the main message centered around freedoms and rights for French citizens. Vincent Berton did not fail to underline this during his speech by welcoming the new blue-white-red citizens into the national community. With a naturalization application process between 18 and 24 months, the journey will have been long for many of them who arrive with their identity, which they must not deny according to the Prefect. For the latter, the territory of Saint-Martin is a symbolic place where the anthology of languages ​​and origins is an example of the French republic and which enriches it. By becoming French, the sixteen adults and the three children present become the heirs of the French fathers and mothers who fought for freedom, a quest that is never completely acquired. The defense of universal values ​​is a daily fight, a fight that also involves the right to vote from which new French citizens now benefit.

For Senator Annick Pétrus, democratic life depends on everyone's commitment, whatever their origin, skin color or religious beliefs, “we are French citizens first and foremost”. After the speeches, each new French naturalized was proudly and in turn presented with the famous decree, congratulated by the officials. Great moment of emotion which ended around a buffet. _VX

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