HORSE RIDING: An equestrian coach visiting the Sea Horse and Sun!


At the invitation of Camille Allard, manager and instructor of the Colombier equestrian club, Sea Horse and Sun, Régis Dupiré, trainer in Metropolitan France came to supervise a ten-day course at the equestrian center. And this, to the delight of young Saint-Martin riders!

Régis Dupiré, instructor and trainer in Metropolitan France, traveling on Martinique came 10 days to Saint-Martin to share his knowledge and experience with Saint-Martin riders. A week during which the riders of the center were able to benefit from precious advice from the coach.

An experience which should be repeated next May, where this time, it is the Equestrian Association of Saint-Martin (AESM) which will bring in a new speaker for a whole week for all the riders in the center of the gallop 1 to 7 ._AF

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