ENVIRONMENT: Sargassum is coming to the north of the island


Anse Marcel, Grand Case or even Marigot. Several beaches on the island, usually spared, are currently affected by the arrival of Sargassum seaweed.

Each year the Sargassum algae are pushed by the winds and carried by the currents for hundreds of kilometers. In fact, it is not surprising to find the pestilential algae on the coasts of the east coast of the island, the most exposed to the trade winds, these permanent and regular winds which blow from east to west. But now, for 48 hours, due to the absence of wind, the algae have been swept away by the currents on beaches until then spared by the phenomenon.

The presence of brown algae has been observed in Anse Marcel, Grand Case and Marigot over the past 48 hours. A presence that did not fail to surprise the beachgoers but a return to normal is expected from this Thursday, September 2 with the return of the trade winds.

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