ENVIRONMENT: Inauguration of the new coastal path of Grandes Cayes


On Tuesday, February 22, the Conservatoire du littoral made an appointment with officials, the press and the various actors concerned to officially open the new path on the coast of Saint Martin, at the level of the pond of the Barrière and Grandes Cayes near the Cul de Sac district.

The Conservatoire du littoral responded to the call for projects within the framework of France Relance – France Vue sur Mer in March 2021, the objective of which is to enhance the coastline. The project caught the attention of the selection committee, which awarded it a grant of 40 euros out of a total amount of work estimated at 000 euros. The creation of this new coastal path will make it possible to enhance the panoramic views of the Pinel, Petite Clef and Tintamarre islands and the Red Rock massif as well as the coastal biodiversity, in particular the famous "Tête à l'Anglais" cactus protected by decree. ministerial. On September 50, 000, the Conservatoire du littoral acquired a set of plots for an area of ​​29 hectares on the coast. This is the first amicable acquisition in Saint-Martin since 2021. 

Work began in mid-October 2021 and is nearing completion. The sanitary conditions having delayed the delivery of the signage produced in the form of plates hung directly on the rocks, mentioning the flora present on the site and the logos of the Conservatoire du littoral in order to symbolically mark the cadastral limit of the site. An orientation table and rest areas should not be long in coming either. Eventually, this path will link the road leading to the eco-site which is being requalified to join the Froussards path, thus offering a 7 km long coastal path. The work to create the trail, such as physical tracing and cleaning, clearing, soft carving of trees and shrubs and removal of any obstacles, was possible thanks to a great collaboration between the Conservatoire du Littoral and local associations such as AIDS and the Tournesol association. The inauguration became official when the symbolic ribbon giving access to the new path was cut in the presence of Daniel Gibbs, president of the Collectivité of Saint Martin, Alain Bronbeau, overseas delegate at the Conservatoire du littoral, Fabien Sésé, secretary general of the prefecture of Saint-Martin Saint-Barthélemy and Anne-Marie Bouillé, project manager of the Conservatoire du littoral in Saint Martin. There is no doubt that this new trail will be a great success. _Vx

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