Territorial elections: the districts where there are the most voters


In March 2017, the electoral lists included 20 people against 238 in 17 (+909%).


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Because it is the most populated sector of the island, Marigot (from Bellevue to Morne Valois) concentrates the largest number of people registered on the electoral lists: 4 potential voters are listed there, 702 if we include the neighborhoods of Concordia and Spring. This represents 7% of voters (compared to 671% in 38). The area won 40 voters between 2017 and 642, or 2012% of new registrants. It should be noted that the Concordia Spring electorate increased by 2017% between 28 and 18 with 2012 new people registered on the lists.

Friar's Bay – Savannah

The sector going from Friar's Bay to Savannah via Cripple Gate, Colombier, Rambaud, Morne O'Reilly, concentrates 13% of the Saint-Martin electorate with 2 potential voters. Just over a quarter of new people appearing on the lists in 581 were domiciled in this area. With 2017 new registrants, this district is the one that saw its number of voters increase the most between 604 and 2012 (+2017%).

Sandy Ground – Lowlands

The sectors of Sandy Ground, Baie Nettle and Terres Basses concentrate 12% of the electorate with 2 people registered on the lists, including 414 additional (+284%).

Orient Bay – Orléans Quarter

The sector from Orient Bay to Belle Plaine (Quartier d'Orléans) is the second sector with the highest increase in new registrants: with 418 additional people compared  in 2012, listings in this sector grew by 23%.

However, this sector represents only 11% of the electorate, i.e. the fifth basin with  2 people residing in these neighborhoods are supposed to vote.


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Grand Case

According to the configuration of the polling stations, the sector where the lists are the smallest, is Grand Case (town and Hope) with 1 people, a number equivalent to that of 333. It concentrates 2012% of the electorate.

Neighborhood of Orleans Oyster Pond

The sector from Quartier d'Orléans to Oyster Pond represents 9% of the electorate with 1 people registered on the lists, including 916 new ones. The number of potential voters in this sector has increased by 259% in five years.

Cul de Sac – Mount Vernon

The 2 people registered on the lists and residing in Anse Marcel, Cul de Sac and Mont Vernon represent 060% of the electorate, just like in 10, even if they are slightly more numerous (+2012).

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