CCISM elections: Update your contact details to be able to vote


In November, the consular elections will take place: business leaders, artisans and farmers of Saint-Martin will be invited to elect those who will represent them within the inter-professional consular chamber of Saint-Martin (CCISM) during the next five years.

This is a list majority system in one round. Each list will have twenty-one people, the number of professionals per college (commerce / industry, trades, agriculture) is not yet fixed, it will be soon by territorial decree. Candidate lists may be submitted during the month of September, a period which will launch the start of the electoral campaign.

In the meantime, business leaders, artisans and farmers in the French part can already register on another list, those of voters. In theory, any entity registered in the trade and commerce registers can vote and is already registered on this list. However, the current CCISM team invites everyone to make sure and especially to update their contact details. "Registration on the electoral list is one of the conditions of eligibility for the mandates of member of the CCISM to be justified in the event of candidacy", specifies the CCI. Until April 30, traders, artisans and other business leaders can complete the online form for this purpose.


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