CCISM / Bush Tea Networking: all about tax exemption


The CCI Saint-Martin is organizing its next BUSH TEA NETWORKING in collaboration with the firm INTER INVEST OUTRE MER on Friday March 13 from 10 am to 12 noon, at the Maison des Entreprises under the theme “Tax exemption”.

The Inter Invest overseas group, an industrial tax exemption firm based in St Martin for more than 10 years, assists SMEs and craftspeople in the purchase of new equipment and materials through tax assistance.

Thanks to adapted and simplified financing solutions, the eligible sectors: tourism, hotels, transport, construction, industry, can thus develop more easily.

During this session the tax exemption procedure will be presented by Elodie Claret charge d'affaires Saint-Martin and Coralie Simonnet Keller in charge of the Guadeloupe agency.

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