EDUCATION: The winners of the Ora lisons and Spelling Bee competitions rewarded!


In keeping with the traditions of the end of the school year, the National Education Service of the Northern Islands rewarded the winners of the Ora lisons and Spelling Bee competitions on Friday June 24.

Throughout the school year, through these two competitions, the support of the educational adviser Marie-Joselyne Arnell made it possible to work in the classes on reading aloud and writing skills in English.

It is therefore 23 students who, under the admiring gaze of their parents, received their batch of books on Friday morning, after having dazzled the public with the quality of their reading.

The books offered as a reward, carefully chosen to maintain the taste for reading and writing, ranged from comics to poetry and stories of all kinds.

Something to keep the students busy during these two months of vacation!

Congratulations to the students. Many thanks to parents and teachers.

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