Anti-vaccination: a demonstrator tried for violence against a gendarme


Last September, CP was one of the people who demonstrated in front of the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center against the obligation to vaccinate within the establishment. She was also part of the group with which the gendarmes had an altercation on September 22.

According to the police, she would have beaten one of them. She is also accused of violence against a person holding public authority. She appeared in the local court of Saint-Martin on June 16.

On September 22, 2021, a doctor tries to drive by to go to work. But demonstrators block access, some are lying on the ground. The doctor is escorted by the gendarmes. When suddenly the tension rises and an altercation breaks out between the soldiers and the demonstrators.

A female gendarme claims to have been attacked by one of the demonstrators, in this case CP. She consults a doctor who draws up a medical certificate indicating marks on the neck, which could correspond to an attempt at strangulation. The gendarme will specify to his colleague who will take his statement, that CP had a stick in his hand at the time of the attack. Other soldiers present at the time of the events are interviewed, two corroborate the version of the victim, the others confide not to have seen what had happened.

CP is also heard by the gendarmes. She denies the alleged facts and maintains her version at the bar of the court. She recognizes the tension with the police but denies having held the gendarme by the neck. Several demonstrators attested to this. A video of the demonstration was also produced in the file. The defendant's lawyer asked at the start of the hearing that she be viewed, but this was refused by the court. He considered that the viewing was not  not necessary because the images have already been seen by the magistrates upstream.

“We see the defendant in front with a broomstick in her hand, she is angry, vociferous. The gendarmes are stoic, not aggressive. Then CP approaches the gendarmes, there is a moment of panic for two minutes and CP backs down, ”describes the deputy prosecutor who underlines that the video, which lasts a few minutes, has not been dated or authenticated. Also, according to her, it is difficult to use it as evidence.

The representative of the public prosecutor requested a three-day citizenship course to be completed within six months and a two-month suspended prison sentence in the event of non-execution.

Judgment has been reserved for September 1, 2022.

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