News item: Firefighters struggling with several brush fires in Happy Bay


The firefighters intervened last Thursday, at the beginning of the afternoon in Happy Bay where brush fires broke out successively.

“We were confronted with several fires of great intensity over an overall area of ​​one hectare. The unfavorable climatic conditions favored the rapid spread of the fire to nearby homes, ”said Captain Cyrille Pallud, the head of the Saint-Martin Fire and Rescue Center.

Eleven firefighters and two fire trucks were deployed for more than five hours to put out the main fires and ensure the protection of homes.

“This season promises to be difficult with drought, high temperatures, low rainfall and strong winds, factors that lead to an increase in fire outbreaks,” warns Cyrille Pallud.

It is therefore advisable not to light a fire or a barbecue near vegetation, not to throw cigarette butts out of your car window, not to use equipment likely to start a fire (grinder, sander, etc.) and to respect the bans on incineration of plants. _AF

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